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  • um teste, e nada mais.

"I heard she broke your heart again
I heard she broke your heart
Well that girl’s a heartbreaker. “

"Seus olhos…

Seu cabelo…

 Sua boca…

 Seu rosto por completo são detalhes de uma Rosa.”

I don’t talk
I don’t think
I don’t walk
I don’t leave
But I don’t say
Don’t always wanna make the same mistake

I can’t stop
I can’t go
I can’t relax
Can’t be alone
And when I listen to the music
God, you know I just confuse it
I get turned around

And I’m running
I’m running

I can sound all the words in my head
But they got no soul
What I’m trying to say’s getting stuck
But I get so close
And I’m out of time to let you know
I’m songless

" One day you will fly away from here
One day you’ll leave your hurts behind. ”

You’re feeling so way down
Forget the losses and burn down
Fall into city lights
Nothing else is easy